Rates & Insurance
Open Panel

Rates: My standard fee is $180. per one-hour session. Recent college graduates, laborers, non-profit and public sector employees, artists, musicians, English as a second language, families struggling to stay in SF, virus victims, etc., please don’t hesitate to ask for a discount. I try to accommodate, as I want everyone to get the therapy and relief they need.
Half hour sessions are $100, and need to be scheduled through me. Longer sessions are pro-rated from my standard hourly rate.
As a sole practitioner, my fee is a professional rate, and I do not expect tips.

Please honor my 48 hour cancellation policy.

Insurance: I will provide you with the necessary invoice to file for accident and health care insurance.
Most accident insurance carriers cover my treatments.
Most health insurance carriers accept my treatments for their health savings accounts, flexible spending accounts, and cafeteria plans.