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My studio is located in the Inner Richmond District of San Francisco, along the Lake Street corridor. There is a flight of stairs to enter, so if you have trouble with stairs, let me know in advance. The studio is warm, roomy, and has an en-suite bathroom and all the educational and exercise props necessary to handle most session needs. If you are a first time client, please call me for address and directions. If your injury prohibits you getting to me or your condition requires meeting in a sports setting, please call me to address these needs.


Please wear lightweight, comfortable exercise clothes that I can either work through or around, like tee shirts and lightweight leggings or shorts. I can’t work effectively through jeans or heavy tops. As I’ll likely need to assess range of motion, you’ll need clothes that don’t restrict. If you will be receiving Swedish massage, you will have the opportunity to undress to your comfort level in private and have comfortable, table draping. The studio is kept warm. 


Standard sessions run one hour. Please contact me for longer or shorter session preferences. Feel free to arrive just a few minutes early (preferably in your session clothes), so we have your full hour to be working on you. 


During the weekday, parking is usually easy on the block. Please arrive a little early to find a parking place.  If there is not a space nearby, feel free to parallel park across the wide driveway in front of the studio. If you have trouble walking, come directly to park in the driveway. If another car is in the driveway, the client before you has not yet left.


Several Muni bus lines run within a few blocks of my studio along California, Clement, Geary, 6th Avenue, or Park Presidio.