Open Panel

Different people respond differently to various techniques, so I stay open minded to trying multiple techniques. If you need a treatment I don't provide, I will help you seek care from the proper health care professional.

Your pain may be defined by a specific moment of trauma or the result of more elusive, repetitive motion or stress-induced tension. Almost all trauma, repetitive motion, and stress evolve into dysfunctional muscular patterns, as the body strives to protect a hurt area from further harm. These patterns may alter the cause of your pain, even if your symptoms remain the same. Dysfunctional patterns can also bring on pain in new parts of your body.

The goal of a session with me will be to find the cause of your current pain, correct the problem, and relieve the pain symptoms. I strive to heal clients as efficiently as possible to the point where they can complete full recovery on their own, however, follow up sessions may be necessary, and almost assuredly, stretch and exercise homework will be required to reinforce the corrected movement pattern and stay well.