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In 1973, John F. Thie, DC (1933-2005) launched a worldwide movement in a holistic approach to health which teaches the restoring of our natural energies. His Touch For Health (TFH) concepts of Wellness integrate the holistic worldview of the East, as well as the vitalistic tradition in the West as espoused in the original concepts of naturopathy, chiropractic, and even Western scientific medicine. It is a practical guide to natural health using acupressure, touch, and massage to improve postural balance and reduce physical and mental pain and tension.

In my therapeutic massage practice, I use TFH techniques as integrative tools that compliment my emphasis in Stress Relief Therapy & Relaxation Massage, NeuroKinetic Therapy®, and Active Release Techniques®.

On a simple and common level, I often have clients that can’t produce a reliable muscle test or can’t relax and “give me” the weight of their head or limb for optimal massage release. A quick TFH Balancing Process usually clears these blocks.

Lymphatic drainage and healthy vascular flow are crucial to muscle function. TFH identifies neurolymphatic and neurovascular points associated with the muscles. By treating these points as we go, clients have a better chance of getting an injury resolved in one or two sessions.

Less common but as or more disruptive to the healing process is the issue of emotional, muscle memory of a physical trauma. If lasting emotional stress is suspected, I will integrate Touch For Health’s Energy Release Technique with the Neurokinetic Therapy™ protocol. This powerful combination can retrain the dysfunctional muscle patterns associated with negative, emotional memories. 

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For more information about the integration of TFH’s Energy Release Technique with Neurokinetic Therapy™ to correct muscle pain associated with negative emotional memories, contact me and set up a free consultation.